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Get pregnant

Getting pregnant – it works fast for some, while others try it unsuccessfully for more than a year. But they all have one thing in common: they live through an exciting and great time. This is the beginning of a great new adventure, so you should enjoy this intense time with your partner.

In our various articles on the subject of pregnancy, we give you helpful tips and answer the most common questions about getting pregnant, such as „When do you have gestational marks?“.

We also want to take care of the worries and give you all-round advice. That’s why we’ve written some articles about miscarriage and their signs, or about ectopic pregnancy for you.   In the following, you will find Tips for Kinderwunsch und Schwanger werden.

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Getting pregnant – tips

Well, you have decided so and would like to have a child and see it growing up happily. Fulfilling the desire to have children is not so difficult, as it makes many people’s first impression. Of course you should have your doctor check you first.

Not only does it check whether you can get pregnant, but also whether your body is fit enough for a baby. Your gynecologist can also give you helpful information and inform you about methods for monitoring your cycle.

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There are many myths circulating about how a woman can develop more fertility and how pregnancy can be sped up. In fact, there are a few tips to help you get pregnant.

Be prepared before your pregnancy

You should also buy suitable equipment for your child during pregnancy. This includes, for example, a Windeleimer, an extra buggy, a babymatratze and a first bassinet.

Waiver of Nikotion and alcohol

Even before the actual pregnancy, women and men should stop smoking. Nikotion reduces the amount of semen and testosterone production. And even part-time smokers have significantly worse chances of fertilization of the egg than non-smokers. Alcohol not only reduces erectile dysfunction, but also affects the fertility of the woman and the quality and quantity of the sperm. Starting with five glasses of beer or wine per week, the woman’s fertility decreases by as much as 40 percent.

Create an ovulation calendar

Get involved with your own cycle. You can calculate fertile days with an ovulation calculator, also called cycle calculator. For 12 to 18 hours after ovulation, the ovum can only be fertilized, so there are only six days in the ovulation calendar that you can actually get pregnant. Most ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before menstruation. So you can also enter into your ovulation calendar without ovulation calculator, when you are fertile, or can become pregnant. Moreover you should be prepared before youre ovulation. Besides, you should be prepared before pregnancy. This means that you should, for example, put on a Babybett and a suitable Babywanne right from the start in order to be able to optimally care for your child.

Even your gynecologist has such an ovulation calculator. The gynecologist can also recommend an ovulation test. Ovulation Fertile days can also calculate an ovulation test. The ovulation test, also called ovulation test or LH test, measures the increase in LH hormone in the urine. One to two days before ovulation, the LH hormone increases significantly. The ovulation test can therefore calculate exactly your ovulation and so the ovulation test indicates when the perfect time to get pregnant.