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Product guides  

Animal husbandry is not always easy. No matter if dog, cat, rabbit, reptile, fish or bird, each veterinarian brings with him certain demands and presents new owners with bigger challenges right at the beginning.

Our pet product tests, also known as Produktratgeber, are designed to help you understand how to help your pet, which pet food is right or what to look out for if you need pet supplies such as a dog crate, hamster wheel or bird cage. Many people want to know what they need before they buy pets. Also in this case, our experts Maren Kappel (expert for dogs and cats), Charlotte Wangler (expert for birds and small animals) and Luca Reffler (expert in aquaristic and terraristic) can help.

The different product guides offer a good overview of which product is right for which purpose and compare prices and customer opinions by comparing five different products from the pet food and pet supplies sector. Because expensive does not always have to be good and pass the practical test.

Dog product testing

The best friend of man is most like everywhere and so that your beloved four-legged friends always good, we have tested for you a variety of dog products. Looking at all pets, the care of a dog is probably the most time-consuming and time-consuming of them all.

So you can not get around to buy the most diverse products to meet all the needs of your dog and to offer him a happy dog ​​life. The purchase of high-quality dog ​​accessories, the care is a bit easier, so we present you in the dog product guide not only the must-haves, such as dog leash and dog bowl, but also various dog toys and little helpers for the education of your four-legged friends. That’s why you should have a look at the Produktratgeber für Hunde.

Other product testing

We do not only have a product guide for dogs, but also for animals like cats, rabits and guinea pig, bird, reptiles and fishes. Come and visit our page Haustierratgeber to get useful information about each animal