Why a comeback is awesome

You had  a long break after motherhood and you want to comeback to your job in the area of online marketing and IT? You have enough of being at home. Than you should either comeback to your old job or you can go and try a new company. On a job portal called TheDigitalTalents you not only have the possibility to find a new employer. But the employer also have the option to find you! It is like Tinder, but only for jobs. Go and find your perfect Job im Online Marketing. Especially in the digital age this becomes more and more important.

Create a profile

The first step is to create a profile where you can tell the employers in a short description who you are and what makes you special as an employee. Afterwards you can add your special hard and soft skills and also add your CV, as well as a motivational letter. Also your previous job certificate can be uploaded. 

Your preferred area

If the first step is done, you can take the reins and start your search for your dream job. You have the option to choose between different areas, as webdesign, web development, UX design, software development, social media and influencer marketing, search engine optimization, search engine advertisement, IT security, IT consulting, embedded systems engineering, E-Commerce, Database development, content marketing, business analyst and affiliate marketing.

As you have chosen your favorite are, you can see all jobs that are available. In the following, you have the option to filter the available jobs by different criteria, like place, the size of the company, mode of employment and job level.

Like already mentioned, employers have the option to find you! And as they want to gain you as an employee, they have to offer some valid points why working there is special. The companies also have profiles where they introduce themselves and offer their compensation and benefits.

If you found your preferred employee, you have the possibility to chat. If they invite you a to a job interview – congratulations!

The perfect preparation

No need to be nervous – we also have an useful blog, which is called Karriere-Blog with different interesting articles about job interviews, do’s and dont’s and anything you need to know about different types of job interviews. For example, what to do on a video interview and how can you succeed the salary agreement?

Also if you are interested in a certain job area but for example you don’t know what an social media specialist is responsible for, you will find a job description, also known as Jobübersicht.