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The editorial team of Awesomebabyblogs consists of authors whose greatest passion is babys and their wellbeing.

They share their knowledge about babies and pregnancy with you in our magazine. They also give you exciting recommendations when you are looking for the right products for your family.

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Our Authors

Demi Austin

Expert for babies & children

Demi, a mother of two, thrives on nurturing creativity amid family chaos. She transforms everyday experiences into inspiration for parents, offering practical advice on fostering children’s creativity and family life harmony.

Olivia Grant

Expert for babies & children

Olivia has three children of her own and radiates optimism as she conquers parenting challenges daily. Her practical advice harnesses the power of a positive mindset, making the ups and downs of family life easier to navigate.

Joel Brown

Expert for furniture & DIY

Joel, a father of four, masters the art of cooking and home projects amidst family life. His posts inspire parents to embrace their inner chef and handyman, turning everyday chaos into family bonding opportunities.

Freya Thompson

Expert for furniture & DIY

Freya, a mom to twins, embodies the art of graceful parenting. Her tranquil wisdom helps parents find balance and serenity in the whirlwind of family life. If you’ve been slightly stressed lately, feel free to check out her articles!

Sophia Giles

Expert for family leisure

Sophia’s family thrives on thrilling adventures, influencing her parenting style. She infuses her writing with the spirit of adventure, guiding parents to infuse everyday routines with excitement while managing daily parenting challenges.

Yasmin Hanson

Expert for family leisure

Yasmin simplifies family life with her minimalist approach and two children in tow. Her posts offer practical insights on intentional living and minimalism, helping parents create meaningful connections amidst the hustle and bustle.

Maisie Smith

Expert for clothing & style

Maisie passionately integrates nature and sustainability into her family’s daily life. Her posts inspire eco-friendly parenting and provide practical advice on living harmoniously with the environment while navigating the challenges of parenthood.

Amy Morgan

Expert for clothing & style

Amy seamlessly blends technology with family life. Her creative solutions and tech expertise guide parents through the digital parenting landscape, making life with kids more streamlined and enjoyable.

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Insightful blog articles on a wide range of topics
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Clear presentation of the content for our readers

Product tests

Intensive testing of a specific product by our editorial team
Evaluation of the product in terms of quality, workmanship and user-friendliness
Preparation of test results in descriptive product tests

Product guide

Research on requirements for a specific product group
Selection of suitable Amazon products according to certain selection criteria
Preparation of research results in product guides

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